BREATH, the Pulse of the Universe

Breath Troupe Offering and Meditation


  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX | March 17, 2015
  • The Rothko Chapel, Houston, TX | May 14, 2015
  • University of Southern California, Channel Islands, CA, for Swami Vidyadhishananda’s Guru Purnima Celebration-broadcast world live-stream | July 2015
  • Eastside Yoga, Austin, TX. Offering for Srivatsa Ramaswami | June 13, 2015
  • MD Anderson’s Oncology Training Conference for Yoga & Mind-Body Teachers. Houston, TX | Oct 24, 2015


Breath Troupe Performance Availability
Pam Johnson 713 301 9238

Film Production
Lynn Birdwell

Breath, the Pulse of the Universe is a pranicly oriented

multi-disciplinary and full body experiential art performance. This is a collaboration between Pam Johnson, the creator and artistic director of Breath the Pulse of the Universe, breath coach, and founder of The Heights School of Yoga and Lynn Birdwell Executive producer of Bird House Production and Film production company Rivet. It begins with a dramatically unique short video created as a metaphoric study of light and dark while emphasizing our physiological and emotional energetic response to slow movement and breath.

It is coupled with a mesmerizing 7-member mandala

performance troupe whose sole purpose is to demonstrate through movement and breath, the techniques of focusing energy, balancing the body, tuning the mind, and harmonizing with the calming vibrational sound of the ujjayi breath and the universal sound of OM. Based in the whole brain learning techniques of ancient Himalayan yogic healing and meditation practices, Breath the Pulse of the Universe captures the essence and integrity of toning the vital organs, enhancing the senses, and merging both outwardly and inwardly with the frequency of sound and refulgent light.

Put your analytical mind out of the way and experience

this penetrating practice, notice your primal response to the tempo of the breath and relax with the dream-like slow motion movements of this solemn meditation.

Breath Troupe Members

Production Management
Pam Johnson Artistic Director, Lynn Birdwell Video Producer

Olga Dentzien, Pam Johnson, Sandy Lease, Simone Olivier, Monica Townsend, Hannah Underwood, Margit Williams.

Meditation guide
Lynn Birdwell

Colin Cox

Melinda Barsales

Rose Boutique

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