I ran out of class today as I’d had quite an experience and needed to sit with it. As we settled into the first round of oh God the sanskrit just went away, the resting pose on the floor…I was able to see and feel that there were two breathing patterns occurring, the natural one that was slow and breathing me and the other which was my normal Carlisle breathing pattern, semi rushed and semi short. I watched the “struggle” between the two for several in and outs. While that was occurring the word TRUST popped up from my heart. I allowed myself to settle into the natural breath as I contemplated Trust and what a challenge it is for me to trust in so many areas of my life all my life.

I came home, shared my experience with Gabs cried and hugged on her then got really angry and hrmpfed around doing errands.


-Testimonial from Pam's private student

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