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Pam’s epic journey to India  Jan 18-Feb 26, 2017 

My epic 5-week journey to Mother India  Paying homage to the lotus feet of all ancestral teachers. This trip was an endless process of discovery and surprise. It was an invitation to channel the powerful and un-nameable energies that roamed around inside and outside of me as I traveled this ancient land. Constantly watching, listening and being challenged to stay present in the all the sensory realms, always trying to remember who I am while developing awareness and sensitivities to the gugukula system of teaching and now at home, making a daily effort to stay connected to this wisdom training even though this epic trek has ended. It all began with a 16-day pancha karma/detox cleanse at the 3rd generation Moose Family Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Nursing Home just outside Thrissur, Kerala. Vaidyaratnam is a complete facility for healing an endless variety of ailments, in 16 days they were able to completely calm down my entire central nervous system, readjust my digestion, rejuvenate my knees, cleanse every cell in my body, and quiet my mind. Facilitated by a competent and well-trained staff, all my treatments were both intense and nurturing, I would recommend this ancient Ayurvedic cleanse to all.  Traveling on to Varanasi I met up with my Hansavedas friends and our host Giri order monks for a 7 day stay in Swami Sharananda’s base ashram where we met outstanding musicians, highly transcended acharya’s and were given important teachings and blessings. We were given private visitations to ancient temples, explored the historic Ghat on the Ganga and by far for me the most moving experience was attending sunrise and sunset Aarte Rituals performed by the young priests as offerings to our planet each day.  On to Prayag where we were greeted by a showering of vivid orange marigolds and sublime chanting by the young boys of the Vedanidhi Vedic chanting school where for 4 days, 5-6 hours each day and night we were bathed in the high vibration of ancient Sanskrit chants by the young students, they are extraordinary boys who are focused only on learning and preserving ancient Sanskrit teachings, they also escorted us to Jhuni Allahabad (the home the famed Kumbha Mela) to bathe in the Ganga.  Moving on to Haridwar for 6 days of Hansajivan pranayama and meditation at the Tripura Yogashram and school where we began each day with the vibrational 548H OM’, tratika, shanbavhi Sun practices and exquisite teachings by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, again there, we were escorted to Aarte and welcomed at many temples and Giri Order ashrams for more darshans. Swami Narasimha escorted our day trip to Rishikesh where he arranged temple visits, blessings and a nice rest at the rushing blue Ganga there. I returned home via a 4 hour train ride from Haridwar to Delhi and said farewell to all my space traveling journeyers and new friends. This was an epic trip full of wonder, challenges and high energetic teachings and exchanges. It is also where I came to understand that it is a kind of interconnectivity of living structures and sensory experiences that illuminates my realization that we are truly all ONE.  I am looking forward to returning to Mother India soon.  Peace and an Abundance of Prana to All!

Breath The Pulse of the Universe: Video and Talasana Troupe Offering

Museum of Fine Arts Houston | March 17th, 2016

This is a dramatic short video created as an art form through the study of light and breath, with a mesmerizing slow dance by the mandala troupe who moves with precision and grace to the very audible music of the Ujjayi breath. It will be followed by a brief Q and A on the transformative art of yoga and its ability to harness the mind and body. The video also emphasizes the physiological and emotional response to movement and breath while the Talasana troupe’s duty brings awareness to our constant companion the universal, powerful and healing pulse of our life force, the breath.


Click to listen to Pam’s Yoga Summit Interview with Kate Rieger, of Second Opinion Solutions Group LLC. Kate and Pam have a candid and fun conversation about Pam’s first yoga class and the ensuing rabbit hole, the many benefits of Pranayama and the inception and performances of her Breath Troupe. Breath the Pulse of the Universe.

A Guided Pranayama Practice with Pam

Sunday, Oct. 9th | 4-5pm Pranayama for the EXHALE

In this class we will have a short review of the asana stillness needed for pranayama and gain more understanding about the lengthening and suspension of the through a guided practice, ending in savanna.
Let’s breath together – all levels welcome.

Sunday, Oct. 16th | 4-5pm Pranayama for the INHALE

In this class we will have a short review of the asana stillness needed for pranayama and gain more understanding of the lengthening and suspension of the through a guided practice, ending in savanna.
Let’s breath together – all levels welcome.

VISITED HSOY MAY 18-21, 2011

His Holiness Radhanath Swami, a world-renowned saintly ambassador of bhakti yoga—the yoga of devotion—will make a rare Houston appearance from May 18th-21st to launch his new book, The Journey Within. Having been warmly received at India House and several of Houston’s leading yoga studios during his last Houston visit in 2009, the American-born swami’s main talk and book-signing this time was at Unity Church.

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In recent years Radhanath Swami has shared the secrets of bhakti at the annual International Yoga Festival in Rishkesh, India along with yoga leaders such as Swami Chidananda Saraswati, Swami Ramadeva, Prem Babaji and others and he is regular presenter at California’s Bhaktifest; he has addressed members of the House of Commons in England; met with political leaders such as Narendra Modi and Barack Obama; dialogued with intellectuals such as Dr. Cornel West at Princeton University and joined with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to elucidate the Bhagavad-gita’s advice for leaders for Silicon Valley tech executives at an event sponsored by the Artha Forum. A powerful motivational speaker, Radhanath Swami has also spoken at the Apple headquarters, Ford Motors in Detroit, Google headquarters, Starbucks international headquarters in Seattle, HSBC in London and at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference in Los Angeles, as well as Harvard University, MIT, University of London and Columbia University.

The soft-spoken swami is perhaps best known for his popular memoirThe Journey Home, which B.K.S. Iyengar has praised as “a stunning story worth reading.” According to the popular kirtan singer, Krishna Das, “This wonderful book shows how purity of heart can overcome all obstacles on the Spiritual Path. It sings to us of holding on to our dream of Real Love until it becomes Reality.”

The autobiography tells how in 1970, at age nineteen, Radhanath Swami left his family in suburban Chicago for the life of a sadhu or wandering monk, trekking across Europe and the Middle East with almost no money, often barely escaping with his life, until he reached the goal of his spiritual quest, India. After meeting Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Ananda Mayi Ma, Neem Karoli Baba, Krishnamurti, mystic yogis in the Himalayas and eventually his spiritual master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, he began to share what he had learned and came to be revered as a guru by thousands in India and around the world.

Based at the Radha Gopinath temple in Chowpati, Mumbai, Radhanath Swamihas inspired the establishment of a missionary hospital, free eye camps in Vraja, a hospice in Vrindavan, an orphanage, and an award-winning model in global sustainability, the Govardhan Eco Village. He has also inspired a free meals program that regularly feeds 1.2 million needy school children annually. “He sees life as a continuous blessing of God’s grace,” one follower says, “and yet he never loses his humanness. His accessibility leaves people feeling that, with a little sincere effort, they too will find the path to inner peace and God realization

How to Order the Book?

Journey Within is available from and For more information, please contact 281-704-5209 or go to