BREATH, the Pulse of the Universe

Pam has been continually practicing the Talasana sequence for the past 35 years of her life. The visuals in these videos are stripped down and bare, mirroring a practice that cleanses the mind of extraneous cognitive exertion. The audio of the pranayama is recorded ujjayi breathing, the core of a spiritual vinyasa yoga practice.

Performance Testimonials

To see a full performance of Tadasana, head to the BREATH the Pulse of the Universe page.

Exhilarating Experience
“Smita and I thank you and Pam for an exhilarating experience.  The Breath creation drew us out and then in … as we shared in the homage with all our senses.  Thank you for the film!  I got lost in the gentle, elegant movement, the subtle shifts in focus and light, and in the rhythmic breath.  The symbolism involved in all the elements captivated my conscience self.

The highlight of the evening for me was the guided meditation – which Smita and I are still talking about these days.  The language was spiritual and artful, the pace led to contemplative following, and we were left encouraged to enter internal spaces undistracted.  Peace…”

Jaime Johns

To the Universe and Beyond
“To the uninitiated, attending “Breath: The Pulse of the Universe” could be a life-changing experience. To the rest of us, it bordered on nirvana. The combination of riveting video with hypnotic live action delivered a breath of fresh air to the standard yoga room meditation, opening our eyes, ears and soul to the universe and beyond.”

Lou Congelio
Tadasana Videos

Standing with both feet touching and moving from that center while matching the movements precisely to the yogic breath. The intention of this video is to show Talasana holistically, not just the mechanics, but the state that is induced by a Talasana practice. The essence of this state is a relaxed yet alert body and mind with a strongly felt union to the present moment through the breath.

Tadasana is the first krama or sequence of vinyasakrama yoga.

It initiates the practice of standing with both feet touching, a position which beckons the body to balance itself.  The movements of Talasana are performed with symmetry, lightness, and a devotional reverence, which lends a settling, stable quality to the practitioner’s presence.  Just as the actual sequence begins, the video begins with grounding in the breath . Note that Pam’s eyes throughout the video remain focused on one point. This is the practice of the drishti.  A meditative tool used throughout the Talasana sequence to lessen distractions and maintain balance.

Watch as this sequence progresses

through the major joint groups of the body, beginning with the shoulder girdle and moving downward through the hips, knees, and ankles. Most importantly, watch yourself as you begin to feel relaxed with the sound of the breath and the beauty of this metaphysically slow dance.

Full squat talasana krama in pristanjali – a sampling of movements, by Pam Johnson.

Shoulder girdle sequence in pristanjali sample, by Pam Johnson, with breath and movement as one.