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The firmest evidence
for yoga’s origins lies in North India, between the 3rd and 5th centuries BCE. Self-aware renouncers realized that their bodies and minds contained the potential to perceive reality correctly and rise above the suffering of existence.
They were often known as shramamas, munis, and yatis
“They radically reshaped their relationship with ordinary life to devote themselves to meditation and austerities. Over time practitioners of yoga built upon this foundation, incrementally honing the techniques of physical and metaphysical transformation, by the 7th century BCE, the core concepts, practices, and vocabulary of almost every yoga system was established and continues to the present day.”

Photos (on right): Yoga | The Art of Transformation, 2013

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These great 'rishi's
systems to bring human beings into harmony with their current plains of existence and to aspire for direct contact with higher plains. With techniques that seemed at times exotic, mysterious and mystical, these Yogis manifested the universe in powerful and peaceful ways. They developed balance, harmony and cared for their own bodies by tuning the mind and calming the breath. They focused energy in the heart, infusing vibration of the breath to transport themselves as vessels immersed in fields of light.
The yogi's knew that their practice was more than a system of exercise.
“By opening themselves to waves of energy within and around them, they fueled-as we do now- the relationship with the divine soul. The ultimate goal of every yoga practice is to become a vessel able to sail into the analytical mind and resonate with the senses, both inward and outward, to explore the infinite properties of light and dark, breath and silence, movement and stillness, to infuse the brain and heart with light and love.”

Jai Uttal




Pam Johnson

Yoga Educator,
Breath & Body Coach,
E-RYT 500, Owner of Heights School of Yoga,
Artistic Director of Breath the Pulse of the Universe,
1547 Rutland
Houston,Texas 77008

I’ve lost count of how many yoga classes I’ve taught in the last 30 years – each one is a unique exchange of prana (energy) between teacher and student.

Some students have taken my regularly scheduled classes and private sessions for several years with visible change. They have released their feet, knees, hips, shoulders, opened the spine, their voice, and most importantly their minds to this ancient healing art called yoga. I’ve witnessed the veritable surgical scalpel of the breath became the ultimate tool that inspires and heals them. My students confide in me with their stories of life, death, marriage, divorce and illnesses but it does not really matter the circumstance – I’ve come to understand that yoga has an avenue of wellness to fit any situation or need.

The real truth is that they are my teacher. It’s been quite phenomenal.

These days I teach mostly one-on-one classes and comprehensive modules where the application of the teaching is re-enforced on a personal level, this is where the most remarkable effects of yoga are witnessed. It is with passion and service that I share this knowledge. I give gratitude to my teachers, my students, and my extensive yoga library.

Yoga Nidra Fri 4/28 @ 7:15pm $35 at door More Nidra Info
Pam has just returned from India Her regularly scheduled classes have resumed. Join her for some of the exquisite pranayama, movement and meditation teachings learned and experienced while on her 5 week trip traveling with 4 Himalayan monks.

Pam at the Ganges, Ghat, Varanasi India 2017





“Pam Johnson is a Master Teacher, a teacher of teachers.  She stands tall amongst the rare few of humble modern yoga experts carrying authentic teachings and upholding the integrity of yoga.”
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